Adster Affiliate Network

A reliable and profitable way to convert an audience into money. We have collected many different ways of earning, both on your own website and through social networks. Recommendations for webmasters to increase the revenue of the site, instructions for beginners and much more.

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Display ads from popular stores and brands

We collected the best offers from the most popular online stores and online services, wrapped them in ad units and are ready to give them to everyone who wants to earn.

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Beat the record and we will double the payment

Current record of payment for one click
13 763 I want to beat the record
1 The competition involves only partners with a dynamic payment.
2 The payout is doubled only per one order.

Context advertising with pay-per-clicks and views

Context advertising is one of the most reliable and profitable ways to monetize the traffic of your website.

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The income calculator

Number of views of your site per day

100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 50000 arrow_drop_down

Your approximate income per month from contextual advertising

13 500 i want to participate
The calculation is based on an average CPC of 3.5₽, 16₽ for 1000 views and an average CTR of 4.7%

Fashion news and events in teaser advertising

Increase the earnings of your site by installing blocks of teaser advertising. A teaser affiliate program in our network is one of the best and most profitable in its niche.

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5 %

Referral program

Work with the Adster Affiliate Network is a stable payouts, set of partner programs and
professional support service.

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